Lumidust™ Fluorescent Rat & Mouse Tracking Dust

Use Lumidust™ to find out how rats and mice are getting in and out of your property, where they have been and where to position traps and poisons.

How it works?

Simply sprinkle a small quantity of Lumidust™ in an area you know the rats and mice have been (droppings, sightings, gnawing etc.) As rodents are creatures of habit, they will return to this area the following night and walk through the Lumidust™.

What happens next?

Lumidust™ is a specially formulated, non-toxic fine powder. It sticks to the feet, tail and fur of rats and mice. As the rodents go about their nightly routines they unknowingly deposit tiny particles of the Lumidust everywhere they go. With the use of a special “Black Light” torch (Supplied in the Lumidust™ Pack) the tiny particles glow and can be followed for up to 20 metres (65 feet).

With their route now clearly mapped out, you will be able to place traps or poisons in the best positions, block their entry and exit holes and clean contaminated areas.

The darker the room the more effective the kit will be – for best results follow footprints in complete darkness.